05 Jun 2011

2010 Mexican Census shows Tijuana is third largest city in Mexico

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Medical device manufacturers are exploiting the availability of highly trained technicians in Tijuana to expand operations.

Ossur, DJO, and Wilson Greatbatch – and many other clients of Maquila Properties – are examples of world class manufacturing companies that have been hiring in Tijuana. Our clients tell us that in California, many highly trained engineers are available, but immigrants, mostly Mexicans, do the lower skilled work. Managers have found that in Tijuana, with its 27 universities training technicians and engineers with custom programs on FDA GMP’s, lean manufacturing, continuous improvement and statistical quality control, degreed engineers handle the bulk of the skilled work at a fraction of the cost of unskilled labor in the US. Take advantage of San Diego’s highly skilled labor force and its proximity to Tijuana.

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