Tijuana Absorbs 720,000 SF in second quarter 2011

Samsung is expanding and so is their supplier base – 2 new buildings are under construction in El Florido – One for Samsung and another for INZI display. The rest of the market was fairly steady – Updated market study coming up soon…. JP read more →

2006 Maquiladora Summary Q1

2006 Maquiladora Summary 2006 Maquiladora Summary Tijuana Industrial Real Estate Market The maquiladoras have continued expanding, although at a slower pace than our last mini-boom of 2004-2005. Automotive, medical, sporting goods, furniture, plastics and electronics companies continue to establish new facilities in the Greater Tijuana Industrial Market. Net absorption of industrial real estate by new.. read more →

2005 Mid Year Maquila Update

2005 Mid Year Maquila Update Tijuana Industrial Real Estate Market The market for large space in Tijuana is cooling from its frenetic pace of 2004, but is still strong. Finished industrial land prices have reached an all time high of over $90/SM ($8.36/SF) in the Otay market near the US border crossing. This is partially.. read more →

2003 Summary

2003 Summary Tijuana Industrial Real Estate Market The Tijuana Industrial Real Estate Market is in flux. Asian electronic consumer product manufacturers and their suppliers have pulled out of Tijuana, while firms from the automotive, medical and service industries have swept in to fill the void. The skyrocketing vacancy rates, which went from about 3% in 1999.. read more →

2002 Mid-Year Update

2002 Mid-Year Update Tijuana Industrial Real Estate Market The big story is that there are more high quality, large (>100,000 SF) buildings available in the market than ever before. The market in general has a vacancy factor of over 8% today. Most of the smaller buildings available are still “C” grade or below, but once.. read more →

2001 Summary

Tijuana Real Estate Market 2001 Summary The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and an overvalued Peso are increasing costs for manufacturing companies in Baja. A US recession and tighter border controls in the wake of the 9/11 attacks is making business more difficult. Economic stagnation in Asia and China’s admittance to the WTO have.. read more →