25 Apr 2011

Is contract manufacturing a good option for you?

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Using a shelter operator can have huge benefits in time and up front cost savings at a reasonable variable cost based on direct labor hours worked- but is it right for your operation?

We must first answer a series of questions; How many employees? How stable is the work? How quickly are you planning to expand? Are you an established Mexican entity? Are you comfortable with the internal administrative issues surrounding US/Mexican customs, labor and environmental laws. Mistakes in this area can have significant monetary consequences. Do you have a qualified, experienced Mexican staff? Is this your first foray into Mexico? What type of corporation are you?

These are just some of the many questions that Maquila Properties can help you answer. WIth over 20 years in the unique industrial market of Tijuana’s maquiladoras, we have guided the start-up process for a wide range of international companies, from mid-sized furniture manufacturers to large plastic injection molding plants, medical assembly clean rooms to distribution facilities.

We are a full service tenant representation real estate brokerage. Negotiate with the most accurate and current market information available.

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