29 Sep 2011

Maquila Properties Represents Sector 9 Skateboards

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Maquila Properties represents Sector 9 skateboards in their consolidation of corporate, manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Poised to sign another lease on yet another building, Sector 9 was piece-mealing their operation in several facilities, leading to increased costs and decreased efficiency. President Steve Lake instead called Jean Paul de Kervor of Maquila Properties. Maquila Properties found a location suitable for not only consolidating the manufacturing and distribution of product, the location proved suitable for new corporate headquarters and and expansive outside area suited for R & D.

“Maquila Properties had called me several months earlier regarding a property they felt we needed to see.  Talk about understanding your client’s needs, Jean-Paul found us a location that solved many immediate problems and will allow for a continued expansion of our existing business.  Making the call to Maquila Properties was one of the best business decisions I’ve made,” commented Mr. Lake.

The new site encompasses 7.5 Acres in the heart of San Diego in the shadows of Mount Soledad just East of La Jolla. The building is metal and recycled interior metal (Armco) walls were used to shore up the external walls. Porous concrete is to be used to minimize impacts of run-off. Jean-Paul de Kervor is the Broker of record.  The lease term of 5 years includes a 5 year option to extend.

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