Useful resources to get you started in your quest to establish a maquiladora program in the Tijuana region. Contacts are for commercial real estate brokers, customs brokerage firms, accountants, attorneys and more serving the greater Tijuana, Mexicali, Tecate and Ensenada region.*

TIJUANA EDC (DEITAC)  The Tijuana Economic Development Corporation (DEITAC as it´s acronym in Spanish)  is a non-profit private organization , founded in 1989,  dedicated to facilitating industrial operations and business opportunities within the Northern Baja Mega region.  

US Customs Brokers:
Globe Trade Services (619) 671-9304; 2275 Michael Faraday Dr. Suite #6 San Diego, CA 92154
RL Jones Customhouse Brokers (619) 661-8182; San Diego, CA
Sanyo Customs Brokerage, Inc (619) 661-6995; San Diego, CA

MEXICO Customs Brokers:
Agencia Aduanal y de Logistica G-Global, S. De R. L. De C.V. +52 664 380-5018; Tijuana, B.C.
Agencia Aduanal Rodriguez  +52 664 683-1022; Tijuana, BC.
Agencia Aduanal Perez Ortiz +52 664 973-4700; Blvd. Tercera Oeste 17410-A Fracc. Garita De Otay, Tijuana BC.
Agencia Aduanal Guillermo Nogueira y Assoc. S. C. +52 664 647-8439; Blvd. Bellas Artes #17686-30 Plaza Internacional Otay, Tijuana, B.C.

Tijuana Based Accounting Firms:
Astiazaran, Santillan S.C. +52 664 681-5130
Cano Contadores Publicos S.C. +52 664 686-3191; Blvd. Agua Caliente 4558-1104 Col. Aviación Tijuana, B. C. 22420
Deloitte +52 664 622-7878; Misión de San Javier 10643 Piso 8, Zona Urbana Tijuana, Tijuana, B.C., 22010
Mauricio Monroy Contadores +52 664 972-9072; Blvd. Agua Caliente #10611-805 y 806 Col. Aviación Tijuana, BC., 22420

Tijuana Based Law Firms:
Baker & McKenzie Abogados, SC +52 664 633-4300; Tijuana, B.C.
Cervantes-Quijano, S.C. +52 664 684-0562; Tijuana, B.C.
LM Krasovsky y Asoc. S. C. +52 664 634-2001; Tijuana, B. C.

Mexican Shelter Companies:
Tacna Shelter Services 619-661-1261; 1401 Air Wing Road San Diego CA 92154
Made in Mexico (619) 702-3456; 702 Ash Street, Suite 100 San Diego, CA 92101

Real Estate Brokerage and Business Consulting: 
Maquila Properties, Inc (858) 551-8000; Jean-Paul de Kervor direct (858) 220-0640

Mexican Auto Insurance:
Bajabound (888)-552-2252

Tijuana Area Hotels:
Grand Hotel Tijuana +52 664 681-7000; Blvd. Agua Caliente #4500 Col. Aviación, C.P. 22420 Tijuana B. C.
Hotel Camino Real  +52 664 633-4000; Blvd. Paseo De Los Héroes 10305 Zona Río, Tijuana B.C.
Hotel Palacio Azteca +52 664 681-8100; Blvd. Cuauhtemoc Sur No. 213 Col. Dávila, Tijuana BC.

Tijuana Area Fine Dining Restaurants:
Mision Diezynuevo
Mahi-Mahi (Ensenada)
El Rey Sol (Ensenada)

Tijuana Area Taco Stands:
El Tacos el Gordo
Tacos El Yaqui Rosarito)

* Maquila Properties, Inc, it’s employees, officers, consultants and contractors  specifically neither endorse nor recommend any service provider over another, nor do we guarantee their services.  We provide this list as a courtesy only and advise you to perform all due diligence before signing any contracts or agreeing to any services.