Your company needs an expert on your side. We are here to walk you through the process of setting up business in Northern Baja. Dedication to honesty and caring also means we help you determine whether Mexico actually makes sense for your business enterprise.

We are multi-lingual and go far beyond the scope of a typical broker…especially for clients new to Mexico, that means peace of mind.

Only he that has traveled the road knows where the holes are deep.
– Ancient Proverb

Don’t rely on the seller’s broker for your comps. Negotiate with the best, most accurate market information available. We specialize in representing multi-national tenants and buyers in achieving their investment, manufacturing, and logistical goals in the northern Baja California region, including Tijuana, Tecate, Mexicali Ensenada and San Diego.

Services include site selection, purchases, lease re-negotiation, valuation services, lease audit, tenant representation, leases, dispositions, advisory services including shelter contract negotiations and Mexican maquiladora start-up consulting. You can download our Maquilador Check-list with our compliments.

Site Selection | Lease and Purchase Negotiations

As part of representing you, Maquila Properties provides the following:

  • Determine building requirements. We consider size of production, labor availability, power capacity, water needs, dock doors, clear height, office build-outs and other tenant improvements, public transportation, logistics, clean-room build outs or any other special requirements.
  • Find and present suitable properties. We have up-to-date information on market availability and can then show you what’s best for your needs & requirements
  • Getting Workers – Thorough understanding of the area, communities and transportation lines enables us to guide you in strategically placing your project where you’re assured of sufficient quality personnel. A reliable workforce is key to a great outcome.
  • Present comparison We show you price, location and other relevant factors on a spreadsheet we create and provide you in guiding you to your best decision.
  • Determine which of the possible sites is best.  Our experience allows us to base this on your needs, timing, seller offer and costs of improvements.
  • Make sure all steps and procedures taken. We check to verify that all necessary documents, infrastructure and permits required for prospective tenant use are in order.
  • Negotiate on your behalf, the tenant/buyer. Decades of experience and expertise allows us to based on current market data and lessor circumstances.
  • Review and evaluate contracts. No one has more experience in this realm of real estate which means we’ve seen it all…and help smooth out any bumps in the legal process.
  • Valuation Services

    • Audit contracts including US corporate guarantees, Leases and Purchase agreements.
    • Determine market value using capitalization approach, replacement cost and comparable sales in region.
    • Photograph and comment on neighboring uses.
    • Incorporate economic analysis to determine future trends.

    A Few of Our Clients